• Wood, Furniture & Laminates
  • Footwear and Leather
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Foam Furnishing & Flooring


STYLAM offers the best range of usage-specific Synthetic Rubber Adhesives Their latest one Stylam Contact Adhesive-Active is a popular choice in upholstery and flooring industry while Stylam Contact adhesive-Excel is a Synthetic Rubber Adhesive widely accepted for speed in furniture making and for the surface where it is difficult to apply pressure. It is used specially for foam to foam bonding. Offering excellent spreadability and economical usage, these adhesives are the preferred choice when compared to other adhesives as they can be useful till the last drop.

Even for those surfaces where it is difficult to apply pressure: Stylam Contact Adhesives prove very effective. No wonder, these are extensively used by Light and fancy Footwear Industry. These Adhesives are also trusted for speed in furniture making and for sole attachment of shoes and upper making of all footwear.

  Stylam Contact adhesive Viscosity Solid Applications
i) Stylam Contact Adhesive-Excel Normal 20 to 24 PS 24+/-1% Laminates, Wood
& Furniture
ii) Stylam Contact Adhesive-Excel Slow 20 to 24 PS 24+/-1%
iii) Stylam Contact Adhesive-Excel Fast 20 to 24 PS 24+/-1%
iv) Stylam Contact Adhesive-Excel FW
(Normal drying and longer open time )
20 to 24 PS 24+/-1% Sole attachment &
upper making for all
type of footwear
v) Stylam Contact Adhesive-Active 15 to 20 PS 18+/-1% Upholstery and flooring
vi) Stylam Contact Adhesive-Active FW 15 to 20 PS 18+/-1% Light & fancy footwear
vii) Foam Bond 15 to 20 PS 18+/-1% Foam to foam
Upholstery (rexine to
foam, wood to foam)
viii) SPR 444
400+/-100 CPS 19+/-1% Foam to foam
Upholstery &
To bond the surfaces where it is difficult to apply pressure.
Vertical lamination.
Speed in furniture making.
For bonding decorative laminates to wood and plywood.
Rubber, rexine, leather, foam, fiber, metal glass, creamic, canvas etc.
Duct insulation (nitryl rubber to metal).
Under deck insulation.
Laminates that are smooth or slippery on the reverse should be roughened. Apply a thin film of Stylam SR 998 uniformly to both the surfaces to be bonded with the help of a brush or a spatula. (Durability of bond is likely to be affected if excess adhesive is applied. In case of highly porous surfaces, it may be necessary to apply a second coat of adhesive after allowing the first one to dry for 15 min).

In Tins 100ml, 200ml, 1 litre and 5 litres.
Analysis Report/Specification

Sr.No. Name of the Test Results
Physical Appearance Brown colour viscous solution
Film light brown
Peel Strength Min. 200
Viscosity 30 ± 5 PS
Solid Contents 24± 1 %
Bond Strength Minimum 250 kg
Product can be used by Bonding laminates to wood, footwear inds.and bus rooftop.